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Lift the Lid on: Creative Apprentices

We thought it was about time you met our Creative Apprentice, Jack Barnes.

Here Jack tells Project Manager, Sarah, all about becoming a Creative Apprentice and what that means…

Why did you apply to become a Creative Apprentice with Lift the Lid?

Hi Sarah! I’ve lived on the Isle of Wight my whole life and I’ve always believed that there’s so much interesting culture and creative energy coming from this place. I applied to be an apprentice with lift the lid so that I could network with these creatives and help put the island on the map.

What kind of things have you done so far?

So far I’ve been helping out at the Ventnor Exchange and Quay Arts in Newport, I was recently part of this years Ventnor Fringe Festival team which was a brilliant experience. I’ve also helped with multiple comedy, music, art and food events at the Quay Arts.



Y​ou assisted Ventnor Exchange with the Ventnor Fringe Festival, tell us some more about what role you played in the event…

My fancy title during the festival was the ‘Free Fringe coordinator’ which meant that it was my responsibility, with help from Jack and Mhairi from the exchange, to decide what free events were happening at what times and at what venues.

What was the most memorable thing about the Ventnor Fringe event?

For me, the entire festival was extremely memorable. I’ve never been part of such a huge team doing such amazing things before so it’s definitely an experience that I’m never going to forget.


What are you most looking forward to over the next year of your apprenticeship?

There’s so much crazy and exciting stuff kicking off in the next year it’s impossible to say what I’m most looking forward too. However I’m really excited to meet more and more amazing people.

What do you hope to do once your apprenticeship has ended?

Hopefully in the next year I’m going to be releasing my first solo album/EP so maybe instead of organising these brilliant events i’ll be headlining. You can only hope.

Jack has now released his new single, have a listen sometime!

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