A Cultural Manifesto from the IWCEP

According to the IWCEPs Terms of Reference (November 2019), the aims and objectives of the IWCEP are to:

  • Champion giving children and young people a voice through project work and as an ethos which runs through all CEP member organisations.
  • promote and support delivery of the arts and culture as part of a broad and balanced curriculum
  • work through the arts and culture to reduce health and wellbeing inequalities for children and young people deemed to be at risk
  • raise aspirations amongst young people, provide transferable skills, open up pre-employment opportunities, creative apprenticeships and well-supported progression routes into the creative and cultural industries
  • work with parents, carers and those working with children to embed creative learning from the outset, raising the perceived value of the arts and culture and ensuring that encouragement and support is sustained throughout childhood and adolescence 
  • IWCEP will be a vehicle for ensuring that opportunities for children and young people to experience and participate in the arts and culture are built into projects.