Mike Howley Trust 2020/21

Funding Opportunity for Young Island Creatives

The 2020 Mike Howley Trust awards are now open for applications. 

Mike Howley, who worked for many years as Director of Cultural Services for the Isle of Wight Council, died in May 2013 , leaving part of his estate for the specific benefit of aspiring young actors, musicians, dancers and writers, between the ages of 18 and 30, living on the Isle of Wight”.

Trustees welcome applications from people within the stated age range and art forms for investment in areas such as training, equipment, marketing & promotion, recording, rehearsal space, staging, publishing costs, or simply time to create.  If you fit the bill and have an idea you are burning to put into action, we would like to hear from you.

This year’s application process will be different from previous years; instead of a written application Quay Arts is hosting the Mike Howley Conversations. You are invited to come in for a 15 minute conversation with the selection panel, to discuss what it is you would like to do, who will benefit from it, and how much you need to make it happen. If the panel wants to take your application further, you will be asked for more details.

Once again this year, priority will be given to applicants whose projects celebrate, explore or interpret our unique Island cultural heritage.

The conversations will take place on Wednesday 18th March, between 11am and 5pm at Quay Arts and the deadline for applications is midday on Tue 31st March.

Please email m.stisted@quayarts.org for more information about the guidelines and find out how to book your conversation.

Comments from recipients of the 2019/20 Mike Howley awards:

“Your funding helped me to produce an entertaining show, and made it possible for me to bring new contemporary circus to the Isle of Wight. Something I will always be thankful for.”  Thorne Bailey

“I cannot stress enough just how valuable having this time to work on my book has been. Without the money the Mike Howley Trust awarded me, I would simply not be in the position I am now with my work.”    Harriet Bradley


Opportunity to work for the IWCEP

A brand new opportunity is available for a well organised and effective Organisational Development Manager to work with the Isle of Wight Cultural Education Partnership (IWCEP).

Through Artsworks Transition programme the Isle of Wight Cultural Education Partnership (IWCEP) intends to strengthen the quality and reach of cultural education opportunities for children and young people on the Isle of Wight. 


The Transition programme will enable IWCEP to research and implement a new business model or positioning to strengthen its capacity to be the Island’s recognised body and voice for cultural education. Steve Ross Foundation for the Arts (Quay Arts) will lead a development programme to assess and recommend the most effective constitutional arrangements for the CEP including clearly defined relationships with the Cultural Investment Company and The Island Collection. It will advance work to ensure youth voice is embedded in future consultations and strategy and collaborate with The Island Collection to lead the educational component of the Creative Biosphere programme. The work will strengthen partnerships to ensure a shared vision in alignment with local priorities, communicated by a new Strategic Action Plan, terms of reference and increased membership.

The IWCEP is looking to appoint an Organisational Development Manager (ODM) to undertake this programme of work:

  • Explore and recommend whether to position the CEP within another strategic body or to establish it as a separately constituted organisation 
  • Once the above is agreed, support the journey of change by developing an action plan to ensure transition is made and articulated to the wider cultural sector on the Isle of Wight
  • Ensure youth voice is consulted as part of future strategy and projects by building on the feedback from The Great Leap Forward / Lift the Lid 
  • Ensure the CEP is central to the Island’s place-making agenda by working with The Island Collection on the educational element of the Creative Biosphere programme 
  • Demonstrate the impact of the CEP by researching and implementing an audience data capture tool to measure the increased uptake of educational cultural activities with CEP members 
  • Support the CEP’s long-term viability by developing a new Strategic Action Plan that is aligned with local priorities, with associated terms of reference and increased CEP membership.
  • Produce the final evaluation report and budget statement for the IWCEP and the investor, Artswork.


The Isle of Wight CEP Transition Support programme will: 

  • Ensure Isle of Wight CEP is the recognised entity and voice for cultural education 
  • Strengthen best practice in embedding consultation with children and young people in strategy and programme development 
  • Partner with The Island Collection to submit a funding application for an education strand of the Creative Biosphere programme 
  • Measure impact by implementing consistent outcome recording by CEP members 
  • Detail the CEP’s future management, positioning and governance by updating and agreeing a new Strategic Action Plan and terms of reference.


The ODM will report to the Steering Group of the IWCEP, which meets bi-monthly. A written report should be submitted a week ahead of each meeting and the ODM will be expected to attend both these meetings and the general CEP meetings to answer any questions in person. Supervision and support between meetings will be provided by the Arts Manager of Quay Arts.  The ODM will also be expected to provide progress reports to Artswork at review meetings every four months.

Manager specification

The successful applicant will be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Organisational and partnership development expertise: specifically in collaborative models of governance and leadership
  • Understanding of good practice in youth engagement 
  • Strong interpersonal and organisational skills to engage effectively with stakeholders 
  • Administrative and project management skills 
  • Availability to deliver the project in line with the required timescales
  • Awareness of cultural and educational policy in the UK 
  • Knowledge of the cultural sector on the Isle of Wight
  • Public liability (min £5m) and professional indemnity (min £1m) cover 
  • GDPR compliance
  • DBS is required if the applicant is working directly and unsupervised with children and young people as part of the work.

How to apply

Those interested in applying for this role should provide a quotation document which should not exceed 1000 words (excluding any annexes) and should include: 

  • A response to the brief and outlining how you propose to deliver it 
  • Your up-to-date CV, highlighting previous relevant work 
  • A timetable for delivery 
  • A breakdown of days and costs against the planned work including VAT 
  • Details of your professional indemnity and public liability insurance and GDPR compliance
  • Names and contact details of two referees who have knowledge of your work in a similar capacity (these will not be taken up until a contract offer has been made).


Please note that the IWCEP assess all applications against the following criteria:

  • Understanding of the brief and key objectives 
  • Proposed approach 
  • Experience and expertise
  • Value for money.


The fee for this freelance contract is £6,000 (40 days x £150) including VAT and expenses, payable on submission of monthly invoices.


The contract will run from April 2020 to December 2021.

Applications to: Jacqui Cusack, Arts Manager, Quay Arts at j.cusack@quayarts.org

Deadline:  1pm on Thu 12 March 2020.

Interviews will be held on Thu 19 March at Quay Arts.

PDF version of job description.


So what is the CEP anyway?

A few years ago, the Arts Council (ACE) launched the Cultural Education Challenge which was a “call for the art, culture and education sectors to work together in offering a consistent and high quality art and cultural education for all children and young people.

In order to deliver this, ACE created Bridge organisations, such as Artswork, which runs the SE Bridge, who were tasked with facilitating Local Cultural Education Partnerships or LCEPS.

CEPs are less about culture in terms of different global cultural groups (although that might form part of music, drama, dance, art, etc), and more about ensuring that schools are able to deliver a well rounded, creative curriculum (plus extra-curricular experiences) in partnership with excellent cultural (arts and heritage) organisations.

The Isle of Wight CEP meets monthly to discuss how they can work together through funded projects to support schools. It is through these partner projects that fantastic opportunities can be delivered, such as:

  • Lift the Lid –  Access to Arts Award and Artsmark opportunities
  • Museums and Schools – Free workshops and travel
  • Mardi Gras – Free workshops, opportunity to join in an Island-wide celebration

We welcome Isle of Wight teachers and other arts and heritage organisations (with an educational offer) to CEP meetings and would like to encourage you, if you are able to join us on the second Tuesday of every month. We have regular representatives from Medina College and Christ the King. You can find out who is part of the CEP and when the next CEP meeting is on the Lift the Lid website.

We recently explored what the CEP actually is as a group, and this is a list of the responses:

Partners working together so that all children and young people on the Isle of Wight can have great cultural education.

The CEP is a partnership of places that provide culture on the IOW. The CEP aims to help young people access culture on the IOW.

A cooperative group of museums, schools and cultural organisations, working to enable young people to access the fab cultural opportunities on the IOW. Giving support to each other, sharing ideas and information.

The CEP is an informed partnership of arts organisations, schools and educators whose aim is to champion cultural learning for CYP on the Ilse of Wight. Its purpose is advocacy for cultural learning and PRACTICAL offering support to all practitioners.

An organisation which brings together cultural organisations that support culture with young people who work together to improve this offer to young people on the Island.

Raise profile of Arts in the IOW community.

Engage children/teachers/parents to participate on what we have to offer through arts projects, Lift the Lid, etc.

The Joys of Art in our life.

A group of ‘champions’ from a variety of cultural backgrounds/organisations on the IW who are working collaboratively to engage children and young people in arts/heritage, by

  • Improving knowledge & understanding
  • Access

Collaboration of like-minded professional with the common interest of progressing and developing the arts and cultural activities on the Isle of Wight.

A group trying to help children engage with their local heritage whether science, arts or history. Active, Involved, Fun.

A partnership of arts, heritage and cultural organisations that work together to offer schools Great opportunities in the Arts.

A meeting of representatives from various ‘cultural’ organisations across the Island – meeting, collaborating, sharing ideas, trying ti improve Arts (cultural) provision for young people on the Island.