Lift the Lid - The Ventnor Giant - Ventnor, Lift the Lid Project

First Artists Commission – Phlegm!

The very first artists commission has been created as part of the Lift the Lid project, during Ventnor Fringe 2018. On the main road into Ventnor, keep your eyes peeled for the three-storey high mural, sprayed on the side on a building.

What is it? Who is he? The Ventnor Giant… a new legend perhaps? We think that there is a story to tell here!

A short video of the creation by Glasshouse productions can be seen above.

Read more about Phlegm’s mural for the Ventnor Fringe 2018.

Photographs by Julian Winslow.

Phlegm’s mural, the Ventnor Giant
The Ventnor Giant by Phlegm
Phlegm’s Ventnor Giant